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Shanghai The Bund Blog

Back from Shanghai

I just got back from Shanghai, where I taught innovation methods to a group of executives from various industries (Materials, Logistics, Entertainment, Automobile, Electric Power,…
May 28, 2019
Interview-chrysos-NASA Blog

Video: Back From NASA

A few months ago, I visited the NASA Safety Center at Cleveland, Ohio, to present my work about the miniaturization of satellites. When I got…
December 23, 2018

How to miniaturize satellites ?

Last May I attended the 15th CubeSat Developers Workshop at CalPoly, San Luis Obispo in California. Meeting the CubeSat community was a great experience. The…
June 30, 2018
ASU, Downtown Phoenix Blog

Back from Phoenix

Just recovered from the jet lag and started my courses at ISC Paris. My visit at the ASU at Phoenix was a great experience! Many…
December 6, 2017