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Returns – Solo painting exhibition

By April 7, 2024April 8th, 2024No Comments


Paris Chrysos, Solo painting exhibition, April 22-29 2024, 19:00, K.O.T.E.S. Kolokotroni 57, Athens

Inauguration: Monday, April 22nd at 19:00

Επιστροφές | Returns

“Paris painted as a child. Then he stopped. Then he grew up. And then, later, he started painting again. He says he wants to communicate with his paintings the things that words can’t. I read very specific places and stories, moods, feelings in his paintings, and I also see that others read them very differently. And that’s fascinating. I feel as if he kind of tackles a ‘taboo’ in art, perhaps several taboos. His paintings maintain something from how he painted as a child. That is terribly difficult. They are genuinely about the process; his process, the making of the art, and nothing else. And that is terribly refreshing and liberating. Art IS allowed to be that as well. A way of connecting with people in everyday life. He draws fast and stops when what he wants to do is done.”

Anastasia Karandinou

architect, artist, associate professor in UEL