Paris Chrysos

Πάρις Χρυσός


Les développeurs, une nouvelle classe sociale?

Developers: a new class?

Le livre et ses échos

The book and its echoes

The developers

The developers are the new idols of innovation, at the heart of the emergence of new technological objects (drones, 3D printers, biotechnologies, etc.) and of new uses. Often hosted in the renewed basements of enterprises, sometimes hackers, they share their time between their day job and their side project, and go beyond the standard norms of management and the classical division of labour. Their skills don’t come from a standard education, they are acquired progressively, through their own exploration of new technologies. Paris Chrysos tells the story of developers, decrypts their action mode and their way of thinking, and reveals the new rules of innovation. The author shows that the developers are the forerunners of a forward-thinking culture of work. He explains their role in the new economy and how they undertake a non-standard and creative process to manufacture better solutions or to project new technological dreams.

Les développeurs, par Paris Chrysos (Editions Fyp, 143 pages)

See the echoes of the book.



Professor of Innovation Management at ISC Paris , I mainly share my activity between Paris and Athens. My Ph.D. thesis, undertaken at the Centre for Scientific Management (Mines – ParisTech), was about innovation on the Web. There, I conceptualised the role of developers in the emergence of new industries, a process implying their personal transformation along with the transformation with new technologies. Graduate Computer, Electrical and Electronics Engineer of the National Technical University of Athens, I had my Master in Sociology of innovation before enrolling to Ph.D. study.

I am currently interested in the modelling of innovation processes, the role of developers in formal and informal contexts, the modes of diffusion and appropriation of technologies for innovation and the institutional transformation brought by this movement.

In this movement, I advance my research in relationship to the international evolutions of the new technologies and of business, to the different actions of the organisations where I participate, to the trainings I animate and to what I have produced as thought on the governance of contemporary phenomena.