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Seminar: Tacit knowledge, explicit knowledge and innovation

By February 3, 2021No Comments

Yesterday took place at the School of Electrical, Computer and Electronic Engineering the first cycle of the seminar I organized on the different forms of knowledge from the perspective of innovation. Bellow you can see the overview of this seminar that will continue next week.

Tacit knowledge, explicit knowledge and innovation. Experiential seminar.

Innovation mobilizes knowledge in the direction of the formulation of new propositions, goods, experiences often in unforeseen ways. The distinction between tacit and explicit knowledge constitutes a fundamental separation in the discipline of Knowledge Management which signifies different norms of action.

The experiential seminar organized in the framework of the course “Linguistic knowledge representation and processing” at the School of Electrical, Computer and Electronic Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens aims at the familiarization with the two types of knowledge and will provide a “hands on” experience on their management. Through empirical cases, participants will have the opportunity to practice in mobilizing tacit knowledge, in systematizing it and in the use of structured methods rendering knowledge explicit.

Starting from the personal and collective expression, the seminar will conclude to the systematic analysis of collaborations taking into account both the social and the cognitive aspects.