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The movie “Third Kind” is available online

By June 22, 2020No Comments

The film “Third Kind” by Yorgos Zois is available online for the next few days and you shouldn’t miss it. As it happened when I saw the movie “Interruption” of the same film maker for the second time, the “Third Kind” now makes me think about different things.  Zois used the setting of the abandoned airport of Elliniko near Athens at the state it was to shoot a post-apocalyptic movie: too close to the growing agglomeration of Athens to continue serving as an airport, the field hosted the Athens Olympic Games and then became provisional home for immigrants with their families during the previous crisis. This is where superior humans from another planet land, wondering, examining, providing reports. Unlike other post-apocalyptic films, it’s not an action movie. First thought, “Tsernobyl”,  also coming to mind some months ago when Europe was shaken by the coronavirus pandemic, while a wild fire in the original region of the abandoned nuclear plant woke up memories in a very bad way. Second thought “helmets:” like the astronauts, like that Decathlon snorkeling mask I used to see the fish, product which was hacked and connected to ventilators some months ago in Italy to save the lives of those hit hard by the disease. Third thought, “art seems not to be about purpose.” Trying to imagine how the director thought when he wrote the script and shot the movie, it seems impossible to narrow down this work to a single purpose. Yet Zois drew a line from the earth to the stars and within time.