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Back from Phoenix

By December 6, 2017March 4th, 2019No Comments

Just recovered from the jet lag and started my courses at ISC Paris. My visit at the ASU at Phoenix was a great experience! Many things were impressive, including the infrastructures of the ASU, the Southern hospitality, the Grand Canyon, the sun, the sky, the absence of a city in the modern sense, the empty lots downtown (I ended up liking them), the lack of imagination in the development of new apartments, the pioneering role of the ASU at the revitalization of the city, the engagement of top scholars in the development of an inclusive university, the absence of links between students and city, the absence of a super market in the neighborhood. Finding good coffee is a challenge, having feedback on your ongoing research is challenging and generous. Overall, I feel very lucky to be able to visit the ASU and join for a while this generous ambition it incarnates for a new American university!