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Visiting Arizona State University

By October 26, 2017March 4th, 2019No Comments

I just arrived in Phoenix, this sunny city of Arizona. It’s the home of the Arizona State University (ASU), the most innovative school in the US. I am hosted at the Center for Organization Research and Design (CORD), known for its high impact research on the design of Research and Academic Institutions.

During my stay I will have the opportunity to share my work with the colleagues of the CORD and participate in interesting conferences.

Of course, I look forward to explore the city and the region 🙂 So far, I’ve only seen a part of the city center, dominated by the infrastructure of the ASU. Except Cambridge (UK), I’ve never seen a city so closely bounded with an academic institution. It’s a dimension of the US University tradition which is quite striking to a European visitor. In addition, people here are very friendly and cool 🙂

The image shows the specific skate parking area, one can find in the entrance of each ASU building.