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Presentation of the book on developers in the journal « Innovations »

By February 21, 2016March 1st, 2019No Comments

My book on  developers is part of the Sélection of the journal Innovations (« Sélection. », Innovations 1/2016 (n° 49) , p. 237-242) . We read:

In a way, they are a sort of pathfinders, of revolutionary entrepreneurs. They act indeed with a great subtlety between their day job and their side project. On the sidelines of their day job, developers explore the potential of new technologies. Some enterprises integrate them in their division of labor, but they also create autonomous spaces like the « BarCamps » (p.12). The author develops the concept of « foggy economy », which is formed by the field that developers explore and then consolidate.

Read the entire article here (in French, édition abonnés).