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The great makers of digital magic

By May 12, 2016March 1st, 2019No Comments

Article of Pierre Maréchal about the book Les développeurs, published in the review Mètis:

The title < Les développeurs Paris Chrysos/>, expressed in the form of HTML code, invites us already to enter in the digital universe of new technologies. The code is the language of those who are implied in the dynamics of the digital revolution, of those who transform the world. Amongst those using this language, there are the developers: the author studies this population playing a decisive role in the diffusion of digital technologies.

New technologies to do what?

Paris Chrysos is expert on innovative design methods. He has defended his Ph.D. under the title “When users create industries: the case of Web-based applications”. In his book on developers, he explains that one part of the economical dynamic is linked to what he calls “foggy economy”.  This foggy economy is linked to the creation of a technology, mastered more or less, that should find somewhat to serve. Those creating the technology don’t know much about it. A way to express its potential as a whole has to be found. And it’s not for granted, because there is a great distance between the technology and its embodiment in concrete and useful objects/concepts.

Read the entire article (in French) here.