I organise my courses at ISC Paris and other Schools are organised as “living experiences.” These experiences raise questions on the themes of the courses through the active participation in workshops on project management, design or strategy.

The courses and the workshops are composed by practical, empirical and theoretical modules, according to the profiles of the participants. Generally, the most important part of my teaching activity is addressed to postgraduate students.

Since 2011, I also co-manage the Master “Innovation in European Business,” fruit of the partnership between ISC Paris, UC Cork (Ireland) and the University of Applied Sciences (Utrecht, the Netherlands).

Here’s some examples of my courses and workshops:

  • Innovation and Design Methods, (MSc “Innovation in European Business”, ISC Paris, UC Cork, University of Applied Sciences).
  • Marketing and Strategy, (MBA, ISC Paris).
  • Design Thinking, (Msc Digital Marketing and Data Management, ISC Paris).
  • Developer Innovation (Master “Modelisation, Optimisation, Decision and Organisation,” Paris-Dauphine and Mines-ParisTech).
  • Workshop “Innovation, Research, Art,” (Master “Forms of Digital Art,” School of Fine Arts, Athens).