Gathering around the works of Anne-Françoise Schmit

Kimé Editions, 2019, 364 pages.

Coordination: Paris Chrysos and Annie Gentès.


The encounters with the works of Anne-Françoise Schmid presented in this book put generic epistemology at the heart of the contemporary scientific practices, thus opening a new way for the epistemological creation.

  • How to produce a non-disciplinary description of sciences?
  • How is design enabled in sciences?
  • What does it take to have sciences without exclusions?
  • Which are the new rigorousness operators of the contemporary sciences?

The works of Anne-Françoise Schmid show that contemporary scientific objects can’t be defined in a standard way, and that the convergence of disciplinary perspective can’t ensure but multiple and particular trajectories, rather than a unified theoretical view. There’s no object without a relationship to the object. This relationship is not only a contextualisation; it’s an interplay between the intimate and the intention of the researchers with the object. Disciplines hide this aspect.

Her philosophy sheds light to operations enabling the opening of the generic space: a space that doesn’t depend on a single discipline, but constitutes a condition for the linking of human and scientific concepts.

The contributions of this book illustrate the new logics of carving, re-articulating and inventing of concepts within different disciplinary fields.


With the contributions of Paris Chrysos, Léo Coutellec, Jean-Claude Dumoncel, Annie Gentès, Armand Hatchuel, François Laruelle, Robin Mackay, Muriel Mambrini-Doudet, Nicole Mathieu, Avner Perez, Marie-Geneviève Pinsart, Enrique Sanchez-Albarracin, Oliver Schlaudt, Anne-Françoise Schmid

and the support of Mines-ParisTech, Télécom-ParisTech and ISC Paris..