Next Tuesday, December 19, I will be presenting my current research work at the EHESS, in the seminar on the Californian model, organized by Olivier Alexandre and Monique Dagnaud. Last year’s seminar, where I presented my work on the class of developers, was attended by people with different backgrounds.  Here’s what I’ll present this year:

Disrupted by enthusiasm: How to study the potential disruption of the Space Industry by Cubesats.

Initially introduced as pedagogical concepts for engineering students, Cubesats or nano-satellites are nowadays expanding, entering fields traditionally reserved to the space industry and opening up new possibilities. Using the developer innovation theory, we will discuss about a way to study potential industry disruptions like Cubasats focussing on side-projects.

The seminar is open to the public. Here’s when and where to come, if you are nearby:

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

11h-13h EHESS,

room A06_51,

54 bd Raspail

75006 Paris